Ram Reddy

Ram joined the Lumberbank in October 2019 with a wealth of experience spanning over a decade in Warehousing roles and sees an opportunity for him to contribute to the Health and Safety systems which is paramount to him.

Ram believes the Lumberbank is a great fit as he enjoys the variety working with Timber and Panel products and wants to share what he has learnt with others. Being a part of the team is what Ram loves and is he is committed to  maintaining the service Lumberbank is known for, and, where he can, improving the processes to ensure that we are meeting out our dispatch schedule without compromising the safety of those around him.

“I would love to be able to use my organisational skills so the warehouse can keep up with the demands that our society is faced with, making sure the stock is accessible and the customers are happy is what matters to me. My goal is to increase the output in Timber and Panel without compromising safety or order accuracy.”