Structural Hardwood Plywood


Structural Hardwood Plywood is a very stable and strong type of plywood manufactured to the AS/NZS 2269 standard for hardwood veneers. Structural plywood comes with a minimum stress rating of F14 and is common in F17 and sometimes up to F22.

Veneers are bonded with Type A resin produced from phenol formaldehyde that sets permanently under controlled heat and pressure and will not deteriorate under wet, heat or cold conditions. Only phenolic glued Type A bond plywood is recommended for areas of doubtful moisture conditions.

Grading is C/D, C face (solid face with filled defects) and D back (open defects).

Intended applications are structural and wall bracing (manufactured to the AS/NZS 2269 and NZS 3603 Building Code), other possible applications include general building, industrial, cabinetry, shop fittings, furniture, flooring and areas requiring a finish that is durable and strong.

Origin of Product: Malaysia
Grade: C/D
Sheet Size: 2400 x 1200mm
Thickness(mm) Size(mm) Face Type Core Type (Ply’s) Grade
7 2400×1200 Hardwood Hardwood (5) C/D
12 2400×1200 Hardwood Hardwood (7) C/D
15 2400×1200 Hardwood Hardwood (7) C/D
17 2400×1200 Hardwood Hardwood (9) C/D
19 2400×1200 Hardwood Hardwood (9) C/D
25 2400×1200 Hardwood Hardwood (13) C/D
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