Podocarp is one of the most popular of our hardwood timbers because it is very similar to native Rimu. It is easier to source and less expensive, so it can be used in older character homes as both a structural and finishing timber where native Rimu was previously used. Podocarp has been proven as a remarkably versatile and exceptionally beautiful timber.

Suitable for a range of high quality end-uses including furniture and cabinetwork, joinery, staircase (baluster, balustrade, hand rails, newel and spandrel (framing) and interior mouldings and panelling.

Botanical Name: Decussocarpus.
Standard Trade Names: Podocarp.
Pacific Rimu.
Other Names: Amunu and Kuasi (Fiji); Thitmin (India); Jamuju and Melur (Indonesia); Ka dong (Laos); Thitmin (Myanmar); Miro, White pine and Yellow pine (New Zealand); Brown podocarp and Low mountain podocarp (Papua New Guinea); Malaalmaciga and Malakauayan (Philippines); and Phayamai (Thailand).
Origin of Product:
Availability: Available ex-stock in kiln dried sizes from 50 to 300mm wide and 25, 40 and 50mm thicknesses (Excluding 300 x 25 and 250 x 50mm).
Species information for this product:
  • Podocarp is one of the more significant exports from Papua New Guinea by volume. Commonly referred to as Pacific Rimu due to its origin.

  • The timber is pale pink to brown with the sapwood being a straw colour with lustrous straight grain. It exhibits a fine texture like that of New Zealand Totara and Kauri with ‘sheen’. 

  • The timber turns well and has excellent finishing properties, producing high quality results.

  • Seasons rapidly, with little degrade. The timber has low shrinkage and very low movement in-service.

Family: Podocarpaceae.
Species: Decussocarpus.
D. wallichianus (Presl) de Laub.
Syn. Podocarpus wallichianus Presl.
Syn. Podocarpus blumei Endl.


Density: 540-590 Kg/m3 @ 12% m.c
Durability: Class 4: Non-durable.
Colour: Pale pink to brown.
Texture: Fine and even.
Grain: Generally Straight.
Permeability: Class 2: Sapwood is permeable and heartwood is reasonably uniform to pressure impregnation.
General: Excellent working and finishing properties.
Sawing: Readily sawn with little dulling effect.
Planing: Excellent characteristics, produces a smooth surface.
Blunting: Low.
Boring: Excellent characteristics.
Turning: Turns well.
Nailing: Pre-boring advised.
Gluing: Glues well with all adhesives.
Finishing: Excellent; polishes to a high quality finish.


Mechanical Properties
Strength: SD6.
Structural Grade: F5 (select grade).
Hardness (Janka): 4.0kN (unseasoned).
Max. Crushing Strength: 22Mpa (unseasoned).
Modulus of Elasticity: 7.9GPa (unseasoned).
Modulus of Rupture: 43MPa (unseasoned)
General: Excellent drying properties with little or no degrade.
Movement: Very low.
Shrinkage: Low.