Massaranduba Decking


Massa Decking (Manilkara bidentata also known as Massaranduba, Brazilian Redwood, Balata and Pacific Jarrah) is an extremely strong wood with medium Lustre, generally straight grain and a fine, uniform texture. The heartwood is light red when freshly cut, turning to a beautiful dark reddish-brown when dry. Massa carries independant FSC 100% certification and is sourced from legal and well managed forests in South America. It has terrific resistance to mold, rot and decay and considered very low maintenance. Like Kwila, Massa will leach a dark colored stain when wet, all hardwood decking timber will weather to a silver grey over time if left natural. The color can be preserved using annual applications of a UV inhibiting deck oil.

140 x 19mm Massa Decking

Core(Rough Sawn)Size: 150 x 25mm
Finished Size: 140 x 19mm
Profile: Griptread Smooth reversible
FSC: Certified Sustainable
Condition: Kiln Dried