Laminated Veneer Lumber


Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) is an engineered wood material with defined and reliable strength and stiffness properties. LVL is an engineered, highly predictable, uniform lumber product, because natural defects such as knots,slope of grain and splits have been dispersed throughout the veneer assembly or have been removed altogether. In addition to this, the veneer sheets are placed in a specific sequence and location within the product to maximise the potential of the stiffer and stronger veneer grades. It is suited to a wide range of structural applications, including critical elements such as large span portal frames and primary or secondary beams in commercial buildings.

LVL offers:

  • Consistent structural performance with low variability
  • Third party certification of conformance with AS/NZS 4357 by the Engineered Wood Products Association of Australasia (EWPAA)
  • Long lengths and large cross-sectional dimensions
  • Dimensionally stable product, which is easily installed on site

LVL 13 is recommended for all structural applications including rafters, floor joists and roof beams in Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Rural applications (following design verification).

Available in lengths of 300mm multiples

150 x 45mm
170 x 45mm
200 x 45mm
240 x 45mm
300 x 45mm
360 x 45mm
400 x 45mm

150 x 63mm
170 x 63mm
200 x 63mm
240 x 63mm
300 x 63mm
360 x 63mm
400 x 63mm
450 x 63mm
600 x 63mm

LVL11 can be directly substituted for MSG 8, GL8 and MSG10, GL10 products and other lower grade. LVL11 90mm Lintel are also specified as floor and roof beams. LVL11 45mm Truss chords are also specified as rafters and joists.

Available in lengths of 300mm multiples

90 x 45mm
140 x 45mm
190 x 45mm

150 x 90 mm
200 x 90 mm
240 x 90 mm
300 x 90 mm
360 x 90 mm
400 x 90 mm