Cumaru Decking


Cumaru Decking (Dipteryx Odorata also known as Brazilian Teak, Tonka and Shihuahuaco) is an extremely tough and very dense wood with an irregular, interlocked grain and a coarse, wavy texture. The timber varies in color from reddish brown to yellowish brown often within the same piece of wood. Cumaru’s density, strength and hardness which combined with its stability and durability creates a resilient, reliable & beautiful hardwood decking. We do not currently have stock of this available to purchase. Other options we can supply at this time are: FSC Massa, Malas or Kwila.

140 x 19mm Cumaru Decking

Core(Rough Sawn)Size: 150 x 25mm
Finished Size: 140 x 19mm
Profile: Griptread Smooth reversible
FSC: Certified Sustainable
Condition: Kiln Dried