Calophyllum is a useful, general-purpose timber. Due to its wide range in density, its mechanical properties can be variable. It is suitable for range of end uses including; furniture and cabinet work, interior joinery, mouldings, architraves and doorjambs, flooring and panelling.

The timbers range in colour from a pale pinkish-brown to pale red-brown to pale red. Quarter-sawn boards produce a pronounced ribbon figure, whilst back sawn material is nicely figured with a fine zigzag pattern.

The timbers can be dried satisfactorily. Quarter-sawn material dries well with little degrade. Back-sawn material has a tendency to cup and twist especially in wide boards.

Calophyllum is popular for a variety of end uses including furniture manufacture and cabinet work as well as for veneer and plywood manufacture.

Botanical Name: Calophyllum spp. incl.
Standard Trade Names: Calophyllum.
Other Names: Bush Calophyllum, Kalofilum (Papua New Guinea); Bintangor (Malaysia); Bintangur (Indonesia); Bitanghol, Dangkalan (Phillipines); Damanu (Fiji); Entangor, Bakokol, Mentanngor (Sarawak); Ba’aula, Gwarogwaro (Solomon Islands), Bintanina (Madagascar).
Origin of Product:
Availability: Available ex-stock in kiln dried sizes 75 x 25, 100 x 25 and 150 x 25.
Family: Guttiferae.
Species: Calophyllum spp. incl.
C. papuanum Laut.
C. pauciflorum A.C.Sm.
C. peekelii Laut.
C. pseudovitiense Stevens
C. soulattri Burm.


Density: 540-620 Kg/m3 @ 12% m.c
Durability: Class 3: Moderately Durable.
Colour: Pale pinkish-brown to pale red.
Texture: Moderately coarse and slightly uneven.
Grain: Varies from straight to deeply interlocked.
Figure: Ribbon or striped effect on quarter-sawn faces.
Permeability: Class 4: Highly resistant; heartwood is untreatable and sapwood is comparatively narrow.
General: Reasonably good working and finishing properties.
Sawing: Readily sawn; some boards a little fibrous in nature.
Planing: Generally planes well dependent on grain and cutting angle. A reduction of cutter angle (20°) will assist.
Blunting: Low.
Boring: Good characteristics; may be a little fibrous.
Turning: Generally good; may be a little fibrous.
Nailing: Pre-drilling on board ends advisable to prevent splitting.
Gluing: Glues very well with all adhesives.
Finishing: With care, smooth finish obtainable. Polishes very well.


Mechanical Properties
Strength: SD6.
Structural Grade: F22(select grade).
Hardness (Janka): 4.6kN (seasoned), 3.6kN (unseasoned).
Max. Crushing Strength: 58MPa (seasoned), 34Mpa (unseasoned).
Modulus of Elasticity: 14GPa (seasoned), 11GPa (unseasoned).
Modulus of Rupture: 102MPa (seasoned), 59MPa (unseasoned).
General: Seasons readily and well, providing proper drying practices are adhered to regarding sticker and weighting of stacks.
Movement: Medium.
Shrinkage: Medium.