Calantas is a medium to large hardwood attaining 40m in height, with grey to grey-brown bark, which is shed in thin patches. It is found in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines and Papua New Guinea.

The heartwood is light red to red brown with the sapwood being a sharply defined pink-grey colour. Figure prominent on back-sawn faces due to ring-porosity. The grain is straight or interlocked and wavy with a moderately coarse and uneven texture. Also the timber possesses medium rays, distinct to the naked eye.

The timber dries rapidly but care is required due to the risk of internal checking and collapse.

Botanical Name: Cedrela calantas.
Standard Trade Names: Cedar Hardwood.
Other Names: Surian (Indonesia, Malaysia), Kalantas, Limpaga, New Guinea cedar.
Origin of Product:
Availability: Available ex-stock in kiln dried and dressed 4 side. Core sizes 200 x 25 and 250 x 25mm.
Species information for this product: Cedar Hardwood is easy to work with hand and machine tools, if blades are kept sharp. Decorative uses including, panelling, doors and joinery, furniture, boat and ship interiors, veneers and turnery.
Family: Meliaceae
Species: Cedrela calantas


Density: 480 Kg/m3 @ 12% m.c
Durability: Class 3: Moderately Durable
Colour: Light-red to red-brown.
Texture: Moderately course.
Grain: Straight or Interlocked, sometimes wavy.
Figure: Prominent on back sawn faces.
Permeability: Class 1: Permeable to pressure impregnation.
General: Very soft and easy to work with if blades are kept sharp.
Sawing: Easy.
Planing: Easy to work with can be inclined to be woolly.
Blunting: Low.
Boring: Easy.
Turning: Turns easy.
Gluing: Can be difficult in occasional material exhibiting resin exudation.
Finishing: Stains, polishes and paints well, except for occasional material exhibiting resin.


Mechanical Properties
Strength: SD7.
Structural Grade: F15(select grade).
Hardness (Janka): 0.0kN (seasoned), 4.0kN (unseasoned).
Max. Crushing Strength: 30MPa (seasoned), 32Mpa (unseasoned).
Modulus of Elasticity: 8.0GPa (seasoned), 14GPa (unseasoned).
Modulus of Rupture: 45MPa (seasoned), 56MPa (unseasoned).
General: Seasons well, care is needed due to risk of internal checking.
Movement: Very low.
Shrinkage: High.