American White Oak

American White Oak American White Oak is a hard and heavy wood. Highly sought after for making premium grade furniture, interiors and paneling.


Is suitable for a wide range of end uses including; furniture and cabinet work, interior joinery, mouldings, architraves...


Produces high quality, hard wearing flooring and is also used for furniture (indoors and outdoors) and decking.


Malas is a high density timber and is commonly used in heavy construction, wharf and bridge decking, flooring, joinery, turnery and posts.


PNG Oak is a great economical viable replacement for American White Oak.

Pencil Cedar

Pencil Cedar is highly regarded for quality furniture and cabinet work as well as for premium mouldings.

Pink Birch

Pink Birch fits well into specialized markets due to its attractive figure, fine texture and excellent machining and finishing properties.


Podocarp is one of the most popular of our hardwood timbers because of its similarity to our own native Rimu.

Radiata Pine

Radiata Pine has a very low natural durability, but is a readily permeable sapwood that is easily treated by immersion to achieve durability for any Hazard Classes from H1 to H6.


Rosewood is a timber with remarkable physical beauty, an amazing range of uses and durability.