GenLam Fencing System

GeneLam beautifully crafted timber palings are available in Pencil Round D4S, T&G, TG&V and Shiplap Profiles with a high quality finish, dual primed and full penetration MicroPro H3.2 treatment. We also stock Top and Bottom Rails, Top capping, Mid rails, and GL8 Posts.

Generation 2 NZ Timber Cladding Systems

Natural. Durable. Classic. Lumberbank Generation II® H3.2 is the best weatherboard timber solution for your new build or renovation. We produce strong and durable products that stand the test of time, giving you peace of mind and a sustainable product you can trust.

Massaranduba Decking

Massa Decking (Manilkara bidentata also known as Massaranduba, Brazilian Redwood, Balata and Pacific Jarrah) is an extremely strong wood with medium Lustre, generally straight grain and a fine, uniform texture.

Decking Guide Installation and Care

Whether you’re a professional builder or like to DIY, you’ll get a longer life from your decking if you follow these few simple steps.

GenLam H4 Laminated Posts

LumberBank’s GenLam H4 Laminated, primed and MicroPro® treated posts are made in three convenient sizes and offer reliable uniformity and strength. Each post consists of 3 strips of laminated timber and are all pre primed, ready for painting. They are environmentally friendly, lightweight, versatile and safe and they certainly won’t be bending, warping or twisting.