Cumaru Hardwood Decking


Cumaru decking is among the finest decking materials available. As it ages, it maintains its structural integrity, making it perfect for the New Zealand lifestyle.

Decking Guide Installation and Care


Whether you’re a professional builder or like to DIY, you’ll get a longer life from your decking if you follow these few simple steps.

Cumaru Decking


Cumaru Decking (Dipteryx Odorata also known as Brazilian Teak, Tonka and Shihuahuaco) is an extremely tough and very dense wood with an irregular, interlocked grain and a coarse, wavy texture.

GenLam H4 Laminated Posts


LumberBank’s GenLam H4 Laminated, primed and MicroPro® treated posts are made in three convenient sizes and offer reliable uniformity and strength. Each post consists of 3 strips of laminated timber and are all pre primed, ready for painting. They are environmentally friendly, lightweight, versatile and safe and they certainly won’t be bending, warping or twisting.