Can-do attitude, product knowledge and exemplary support to the commercial timber industry

The thing about wood is that it’s versatile, reliable, trustworthy, durable and cost-effective. There’s an integrity about it that other materials just can’t match…

At LumberBank we’ve been around wood so long, we’re a bit like the product – reliable, ‘can-do’, and trustworthy, resilient, good value… We’re passionate about what we do, and we bring integrity and a responsibility to our client relationships that others just can’t match.

When LumberBank launched on 16 January 1996, the company was primarily focussed on sourcing only locally grown and milled Radiata Pine. Today, LumberBank is one of New Zealand’s leading importers and distributors of exotic timber and timber products.

The Lumberbank difference

New Zealand wide transport hub

LumberBank is located within one of New Zealand’s busiest transport hubs:

  • Close proximity to South, West and Northern national motorways
  • Frequent rail service connections nationally
  • 15 minutes to the Ports of Auckland


  • 4000sqm warehouse capacity
  • Strong shareholder backing
  • People dedicated to customer service and strong relationships with customers, suppliers and workmates
  • Knowledge and experience underpinned by a willingness to learn
  • International backing helps keep LumberBank ahead of local and world trends
  • Processes and operations environment is regularly evaluated for quality and efficiency
  • Truckies love to visit the large Lumberank yard with its easy access and room to move
  • Tidy, compacted yard area with 200mm of base course, 150mm of concrete over this and finished it off with 50mm of bitumen


LumberBank supplies ethically sourced timber products to:

  • Furniture manufactures
  • Joiners
  • Timber reseller merchants
  • Scaffolding and Formwork companies
  • Flooring contractors
  • Cabinetmakers

Our Team

Peter Hogg

Peter Hogg

Account Manager

A mechanical engineer by profession, Peter first got into the timber industry when he had to learn machining timber profiles for a family business over a three year period. By the end of it he was doing timber sales as well, and he hasn’t looked back since.

Peter’s timber industry experience includes 12 years in the hardware industry where he sold timber, pre-nail frames and trusses to private owners, builders and developers – not to mention the fact that the role required he learn to reads plans as a result of his work with laminated veneer lumber (LVL).

Peter has been with LumberBank for the last 13 years, getting alongside a broad variety of people from scaffolders, merchants and joiners to general managers and multi-millionaire business owners. His knowledge and contribution has been invaluable.

“We have a great group of colleagues here, and the team is good at backing each other up to make sure our clients are satisfied, so that they keep coming back."

“I still get a buzz out of getting the deal or thinking outside the square to close the sale.”

Nadia Gillies

Nadia Gillies

Customer Service and Accounts Administrator

After more than 19 years in customer service roles and administration, Nadia is at home working in the team environment of LumberBank, which she describes as a company full of people ready and willing to help each other succeed.

Six of Nadias most recent years spent here at Lumberbank, she is the friendly voice at the end of the phone 90% of the time and makes everyone else's days work.

“I am a people person, so LumberBank’s people focus is ideal for me. I like to interact with others and build relationships.”


Laura-Lee Holtz

Sales & Marketing

Laura-Lee first joined LumberBank more than ten years ago in the accounts department, then after five years moved into a sales role where she loved the variety of her work.

“One day I could be in the South Island and another in West Auckland, but it’s always about building those relationships with clients by helping them with the solutions they need".

Although being  on the road was great for a number of years, Laura-Lee has now hung up her keys, so to speak, and enjoys the day to day routines of being office based again- which tie in better with her 'working with a family' lifestyle.

“Working with such a versatile product means that we get to be involved in a number of markets, some customers need to make a set of draws, others a deck or a house. Seeing a piece of timber turned into something else is very cool.”

Bill Mann

Bill Mann


Bill has a wealth of hands-on experience in the Timber Industry, having started out as a builder before moving into management roles at various Timber yards. He later spent 20 years as a key account manager at one of New Zealand's largest timber companies. Now with more than 55 years in the industry under his belt, he has seen the best there is and has settled in at LumberBank.

"I love the customer contact and the daily dealings I have with the different people we get through the door."


Maurice O’Connell

General Manager

38 years on since entering the timber industry straight out of school – and having worked his way up from the timber yard into sawmill sales, sales management and now management – Maurice remains convinced about one thing: “We may sell wood, but this business is a people business.”

A postgraduate in business administration, Maurice understands that exceeding customer expectations is about having the systems and the processes in place… but people buy off people, and that makes relationships everything.

“I like the people in the timber industry. Most people stick around for a long time and we make a lot of friendships, but the team also knows the customer pays the bills – so our twin motivations are relationship selling and excellent customer service.”


Isileli (Izzy) Tui

Timber & Panel Team Leader

Izzy's came to Lumberbank with a freight & logistic background which transitioned nicely into his work in our dispatch yard. After five years with us he has grown into the Team Leader and the experience he has gained during his time has given him the skills needed to be successful in this role.

Izzy still enjoys the different aspects that working with timber brings, and in particular the interaction with our regular customers and truck drivers alike.

Izzy has studied music and was also a tutor at Martin Hautus Learning Institute, where he had the opportunity to connect with different cultures on a daily basis.

"Everyday presents a new challenge and I am learning and upskilling constantly. I really enjoy being part of the LumberBank Team, it's a great place to work."


Catherine Morgan

Account Manager

Catherine joined the Lumberbank in 2017 bringing with her a wealth of knowledge that comes from working with timber for more than 30 years. Over this time she has built strong relationships with her customers and there is no doubt you would of crossed paths with Catherine well before she came on-board. She has described her voice as being more familiar to people than her face, but now she is back on the road that could be about to change.

Catherine believes that customer service is paramount which is a perfect fit with LumberBank values.



Falagi (Lagi) Leavai

LVL Team Leader

Lagi joined the Lumberbank Team in the second part of 2016, and quickly became the go-to for our LVL operations,  over the next 12 months he advanced to become our LVL Kaitieki. Lagi has strong leadership skills and is always working toward increasing the output in his area without compromising safety or order accuracy.

Lagi has had hands-on experience and prior to coming on board spent some time in the industry as a builder and gained valuable insight into what the end-user wants when dealing with suppliers.

" I set my goals high so I am always striving to do better, achieving goals that are already in reach is easy, putting in work to get where you want to be is the hard part, at Lumberbank I get  to be a part of setting up for a better future in every aspect, that's what is cool about being in a Kaitieki role."


Joselito (Jess) Inoncillo

Stock Procurement Manager

Jess joined LumberBank in May 2017, with a thirst to learn more about the timber industry in NZ. He came from a background in teaching he gained vital people skills before opting to change his career to logistics.

The past 12 months have seen Jess grow into his operations role at LumberBank and he has enjoyed the experience so far.

"I love working in a busy timber yard, learning about new products is easy when you have such a great support team around you."